We do not predict the future. We create it together with our clients.


"We do not focus on obstacles but to overcome them, using non-standard approaches." --Brandon Webb

Who We Are

QUEST International Services LLC is a high-level legal consulting firm providing high-level immigration services, for skilled workers from Ukraine, Moldova, Brazil and other countries.

Our company offers a unique service for businesses and their employees from our home office located in the equally unique city of Fairhope, Alabama.

Our company also provides advice on immigration, employment and labor law.

We offer legal, non-standard, and effective solutions.

We look forward to finding the best solution for you!

Our partners are recruiting, manufacturing companies, farms, hospital, in the USA, Europe, Ukraine.

What We Do?

We provide first-class legal solutions in the field of immigration services.

We can handle language services in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German and Spanish.

We sincerely wish to help you achieve your goals.

We would be happy to help you with other types of visas and also provide you with advice after receiving a visa to the USA.

We help immigrants and business owners anticipate and solve problems while living in the US.

Our company resolves disputes for our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

We are looking forward to find the best solution for you!


We always help our clients legally and quickly to resolve immigration issues and find the best opportunities for develop business and work.


Successful recruitment companies, large manufacturing companies, farms, hotels and restaurants.


We are committed to promoting economic development in our region and create favorable conditions to attract qualified professionals from abroad.


“We do not predict the future. We create it together with our clients." –Maryna Wilson

  • Contribute to achieving the client's goals.
  • Create better international opportunities in employment.


Values determining the corporate culture of the team:

  • Ensure a fair approach
  • Comply with high professional standards
  • Innovate
  • Increase business efficiency through high quality service
  • Invest in talent
  • Develop leadership


We have created “QUEST International Services" as a synonym for high standards, innovative solutions, impeccable quality, integrity, and professional ethics.


“We do not focus on obstacles but in overcoming them, using non-standard approaches." –Brandon Webb
“True professionalism is the specialist who cares about the customer.” –David Meister


We aspire to be a leading law firm in Baldwin, Alabama in the industry immigration services and international opportunities for ours customers.


Our team is our most valuable asset. We are proud to be an employer that creates a favorable and comfortable working atmosphere.

We invest in the development of colleagues, in talent, encouraging teamwork and mutual respect.

In the company, everyone can reach their full potential.

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Speak to a professional person today by calling +1 251-615-1242, by text messaging Maryna Wilson (+1 251-454-4436) or Corey Lipscomb (+1 251-209-0337), or filling out the form below.

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