Intellectual Property

Trademark – Key Benefits for Business

Exclusive right of use. The owner of the trademark has exclusive rights to use the trademark and can file a lawsuit against any person or entity that uses the trademark without the owner’s permission.

Effective investment in intellectual property. A registered trademark has its own value, which can increase significantly over time with the reputation of the company, or someone else’s wish to use that trademark independent of the owner. If this occurs, the trademark can possibly be sold to someone.

Recognition of an enterprise, product, or service is a company’s “super-power”. As a result of having a trademark, a company can expand the number of consumers they have and increase their profits.

Possibility of expanding the business on a franchise basis. Franchising is something a lot of well-known brands or registered trademarks want to do. If this is ever going to be a possibility, then companies should get a trademark as soon as possible to make sure no one else takes that trademark, making franchising impossible without liability to the other company. Also, if the company does not have a trademark, then expanding outside of their own immediate area becomes a lot riskier and more difficult.

High-quality and effective protection from competitors. A brand registered as a trademark prevents the possibility of counterfeit production by unscrupulous competitors, whose actions could lead to the loss of part of the market, reputation and, consequently, the company’s income.